New Products

ESAB’s new wire for offshore and pipe

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduced Coreshield 71T-8 OS, a self-shielded flux-cored wire for all-position welding of critical structural applications, such as TKY joints in offshore construction, pipe structures, bridges and storage tanks. It features a diffusible hydrogen content lower than 8 ml/100 g and provides excellent low-temperature impact toughness. As-welded mechanical properties include a… Continued

Hybrid tube bending from Unison

Unison Ltd. launched range of hybrid tube bending machines called Synergy HBM (hybrid, multi-stack). The new machines are available in 50-mm and 80-mm (maximum tube diameter) versions initially and feature the company’s latest Unibend Lite control system. The 80-mm machines are widely used by automotive customers and general fabricators. The smaller 50-mm machines are for… Continued

Lincoln Electric’s new single-wire process for heavy fab

Lincoln Electric released its new Process HDT solution for the heavy fabrication industry. Developed for high-deposition robotic applications, the solution combines a new high-deposition waveform with a specially formulated metal-cored wire. It delivers deposition rates that exceed Tandem MIG applications, but with the streamlined setup of a single-wire application. Utilizing the Power Wave S700 power source, Metalshield HDT metal-cored… Continued

Coe Press controls include roll forming

Coe Press Equipment’s latest ServoMaster Touch controller has features suited to the needs of roll formers. The stretch compensation tool enables the operator to enter the actual length as well as the desired length of the part. By pressing “accept,” a scaling factor is applied to each step to compensate for the elongation. The ability to switch… Continued

Miller’s converter for submerged arc welding

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC introduced a new SubArc digital converter for field applications, including above-ground storage tank construction, shipbuilding and bridge construction. The converter enables the use of digital SAW accessories, such as the 3-wheel tractor and digital control, with expanded equipment including Big Blue welder/generators and Dimension 650 welding power sources. Enhanced digital communication allows for more… Continued

Hexagon offers fabrication project software

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division released new manufacturing project management advances for its WorkPlan software to enable sheet metal fabricators to connect data from planning, quoting and manufacturing systems. The software helps automate planning and production processes, from determining material usage and production time estimation to optimizing processes and sheet metal nesting strategies from a single… Continued

Milwaukee Tool releases new chop saw

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 Fuel 14-in. abrasive chop saw delivers 15-A corded power within a cordless, portable solution. It combines the PowerState brushless motor, RedLithium battery pack and RedLink Plus intelligence technologies. For safety, a Rapid Stop blade brake stops the bade within 3 sec. of trigger release. The chop saw offers tool-free blade changes and… Continued

Lincoln Electric redesigns weld data monitoring

Lincoln Electric launched the fifth generation of its CheckPoint weld data monitoring solution. Features of the upgraded platform include improved dashboards that provide essential, industry-specific key performance indicators to track productivity, including trend projections, operating factor and real-time OEE calculations. Improved charting and graphing include dynamic data-point breakdowns and chart filters. Optimized reporting helps track… Continued

Metabo’s new tethering accessories

Metabo Corp. offers a new line of Drop Secure batteries and tethering accessories. It includes eight new tethering accessories, from lanyards to self-adhesive safety tape and three new batteries in 4.0-Ah, 5.5-Ah and 10.0-Ah versions. The system ties the battery and tool together, preventing separation if dropped. All of the lanyards are certified to international… Continued

Rubber doors from Rite-Hite

Rite-Hite’s new Raptor rubber doors are made from ¼-in. SBR rubber. The roll-up style doors are housed on an overhead barrel when open. Raptor Dock doors use counter-balance springs to assist the Jack-Shaft Operator, while the Raptor Pro doors use a springless, direct-drive, variable-speed operator system. The rubber doors offer increased durability and require minimal… Continued

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