New Products

AXYZ redesigns panel fabrication solution

AXYZ Automation Inc. released the newly designed PanelBuilder CNC router that can process a variety of materials such as aluminum composite material and metal composite material. Integrated with router solution is the PanelTracker management system, which is outfitted with an automated label printer that labels and identifies individual panels as they are machined by printing data… Continued

OTC Daihen expands robot line

OTC Daihen Inc. added the FD-V100 to its robot line. With expanded payload and reach, this FD-series robot is well-equipped for general-purpose applications, including material handling, part finishing, dispensing and machine load/unload, and weldment handling plus positioning. It features good repeatability, a small footprint and slim arm, and high speed. Other features include intuitive operation… Continued

Tab Industries’ wrappers feature powered conveyors

Tab Industries LLC introduced powered conveyors as an option on its fully automated Tab Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm wrapping systems. Offered in a choice of roller or chain conveyors, the powered conveyors automatically advance the pallet load through the wrapping ring smoothly and hands-free. Joining the staging conveyor to the exit conveyor, the powered conveyors… Continued

DGP offers TIG nozzles

Monster TIG/GTAW welding nozzles are available from Diamond Ground Products Inc. For welding exotic materials such as titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel and others, the TIG nozzles are engineered to deliver a coherent stream of shield gas to improve the quality, consistency and post-weld cleanup of welding applications. They offer improved gas coverage, better arc stability,… Continued

Cooling chamber from Grieve

The No. 807 is a cooling chamber from Grieve Corp. used for cooling oven trucks of steel parts at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this cooling chamber measure 84 in. wide by 96 in. deep by 72 in. high. The 7,000-cfm, 7 1/2-hp remote mounted exhaust blower pulls room air through load and exhaust.… Continued

Comau’s new roller hemmer

The Smart Hemmer from Comau is a highly compact, symmetrical roller hemmer able to hem any complex joint. It is for the new generation of electric, hybrid and traditional lightweight vehicles because it allows automakers to join dissimilar materials using a cold process that grants complete control throughout the process. The design features two flexible… Continued

Laserdyne adds software for laser processing

Prima Power Laserdyne’s FastTrim CAD/CAM software is for use with its multi-axis precision laser processing systems. The all-in-one software enables users to model parts, define process paths, define feature locations and build part fixtures. It allows posting of a complete program for 2-D and 3-D laser welding, drilling and cutting applications. The software supports the… Continued

OnRobot releases gripper converter kit

OnRobot launched the digital I/O converter kit to support seamless integration of its RG2, RG6, Gecko and VG10 grippers with a range of cobots and traditional robotic arms. The small converter device facilitates out-of-box integration with Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Doosan, Nachi and Techman robot arms. As different robot arms understand I/O signals differently, the… Continued

Beckwood launches servo-electric presses

Beckwood Press Co. released the EVOx line of servo-electric presses. With models ranging from 0.5 to 50 tons, the presses are for light-duty assembly applications, including clamping, crimping, joining, press fitting, punching/blanking, riveting, spring testing, staking and swaging. They are powered by Exlar electric roller-screw actuators, in lieu of hydraulic systems. The roller-screw technology ensures… Continued

Vertical airflow cabinet oven from Grieve

The Model VA-500 is a 500 degree F cabinet oven from Grieve Corp. used to finish batch loads of metal parts at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of the oven measure 26 in. wide by 26 in. deep by 38 in. high, and 6.6 kW are installed in Nichrome wire heating elements. A 700-cfm, 1/2-hp… Continued

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