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Grieve’s oven for holding weldments

No. 1037 is a 900-degree F walk-in oven from Grieve Corp., which is currently used for holding weldments at temperature before welding at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions measure 108 in. wide by 120 in. long by 115 in. high. The oven has 9-in. insulated walls with an isolated inner oven completely surrounded by insulation… Continued

ESAB launches water-cooled MIG guns

Tweco, an ESAB brand, offers the Fusion Pro 7W and 9W water-cooled MIG guns for high-amperage welding with solid and cored wires and the MXH 420W PP (push-pull) water-cooled MIG gun for aluminum and longer reach applications. The 7W is rated at 450A at 100 percent duty cycle with mixed gas and 500A at 100 percent duty cycle with… Continued

Simufact introduces binder jetting simulation

Simufact, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, released metal binder jetting (MBJ) simulation software that enables manufacturers to predict the distortion that sintering processes have on parts at the design stage. Manufacturers can predict the shrinkage caused by factors such as the thermal strain, friction and gravity during sintering. By compensating for these changes, parts… Continued

Aida’s gap frame presses in stock

Aida-America’s next-generation DSF-C1-A Series direct-drive gap frame servo presses are in stock and ready to ship.  Standard features of these presses include a next-generation servo motor with 5 to 10 percent higher speeds; a robust capacitor-based power management system; an ergonomically designed 12-in. swing-arm mounted color touchscreen HMI with opti-touch run buttons; and an Allen-Bradley… Continued

Wintriss offers die protection clinic

Wintriss Controls Group is offering a virtual webinar version of its Die Protection Clinic. The online curriculum has been organized into three 2-hour sessions. The webinar can be customized for attendees’ requirements, and will be available for viewing 30 days after the initial presentation. For novices, the clinic provides practical, application-oriented information in order to… Continued

RoboVent’s dust collector for fiber lasers

RoboVent offers the Senturion dust collector that has been optimized for the volume and type of dust produced by fiber laser cutting. Features include a powerful and efficient motor-blower combination to ensure adequate airflow for laser cutting  applications; a lower air-to-cloth ratio (more filter media per CFM of air) to handle large volumes of dust;… Continued

Hypertherm releases robot software

Hypertherm released Robotmaster V7.3 offline robot programming software. Features include support for the newest CAD file types, 3-D printing software and third-party plug-ins for software brands such as CATIA, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD. New modules include a spray simulation module for companies that use robots to spray, coat or paint products and a module… Continued

LVD Strippit offers YSD laser cutter

LVD Strippit offers the YSD LaserOne fiber laser cutting machine with a 2-kW or 4-kW laser power source in a 120-in.-by-60-in. table size. The laser cutter cuts a variety of materials and thicknesses, has low operating and maintenance costs, and provides a quick return on investment. It features a Precitec cutting head with NC focus,… Continued

Camfil offers oval replacement filters

Camfil APC introduced HemiPleat replacement filter cartridges to fit all oval industrial dust collectors. Synthetic beads hold the pleats open to expose more media to the airstream, increasing filter efficiency, lowering pressure drop and facilitating a better release of dust during pulse cleaning. Replacing filter cartridges with HemiPleat oval filters reduces a dust collector’s operating… Continued

CenterLine launches welding gun

CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd. launched the SoftMount Gun, which is designed to mechanically fine adjust its position to a stamped hole to consistently projection weld a fastener. It is for robot applications where part dimensions, hole locations or tooling are slightly inconsistent. This system is available in two configurations: standard feed process (SFP) for nut and… Continued

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