Automated aluminum

Automated saw solutions are a perfect match for cutting aluminum


For years, aluminum has been one of the most popular building materials for commercial projects of every size, thanks to the fact that it’s lightweight, inexpensive and durable. Being as

Automated saw solutions not only provide accurate and clean cuts, but the software helps to track the material that has been processed and provide statistics for deeper analysis.

strong as it is, however, you might expect that cutting aluminum on an industrial scale would be extremely difficult on the equipment doing the cutting.

While it’s true that fully automatic aluminum cutting comes with its own set of challenges, it’s not actually as insurmountably difficult as you might expect. As long as you have the correct equipment, calibrated in the correct way, you’ll find that you can cut vast quantities of aluminum at an impressive rate without too much additional difficulty.

Aluminum has many benefits over other building materials. While pure aluminum isn’t especially strong, when it’s alloyed with other elements, such as copper or zinc, it becomes incredibly durable. In particular, it’s resistant to the corrosive effects of water as well as the damaging power of UV radiation. As a result, it’s a great metal if you’re looking for something weatherproof.

Aluminum is also lightweight, which among other benefits, makes it less expensive to use in construction. It’s relatively easy to lift and move around. It’s non-flammable and energy-efficient when used inside of buildings. Finally, it’s especially versatile when it comes to decorative uses. It can be colored in any number of different ways, meaning it can be used for essentially any construction need.

Automating the job

Of course, if you really want to pick up the speed on an industrial-size project, you’ll need to be able to automate it. Fully automatic aluminum cutting is really the only way to go if you want

TigerStop offers a variety of sawing solutions, including the TigerSaw MiterXL and the TigerSaw 2000, each of which are good for cutting aluminum.

to remain competitive in the cutthroat world of manufacturing. Because you’ll be up against overseas companies that are always seeking to move in on your market, you’ll need access to the most advanced technology you can find to survive in the industry.

A high-power automatic miter saw goes a long way in cutting down on waste and rendering the job a good deal faster and safer. You’ll want to opt for something that can be programmed with the lengths you want. Fully automatic also means that the saw can adjust itself and make the cuts you need, to your exact specifications, over and over.

Proper automation takes a great deal of guesswork out of the job and also means that material can be cut by workers with a minimum of training. Instead of looking for workers who are already experts at cutting aluminum in an exacting way, you can use workers who simply need a bit of training on the automatic saw system and not much else.

Automatic recommendations

Fully automatic aluminum cutting depends on the right equipment, and TigerStop has a couple of recommendations for the best tools for the job.

A fully automatic push-feed system, the TigerSaw MiterXL is one of the best options when you need to cut aluminum quickly and accurately. It’s incredibly accurate and has a turn speed of

With TigerStop’s automated solutions, shops can cut aluminum more accurately and reduce scrap.

3 sec. in which it can move from -45 to 45 degrees.

Featuring TigerLink 6 Cut List Downloading software, you can program plenty of different cuts into the system in order to juggle multiple projects if needed. It also has other software that helps to maximize efficiency, such as Miter Process Optimization software. The TigerTouch touch screen control makes it incredibly intuitive and easy to use, saving you a great deal of time and money on training. What training you do need is included with the cost of the machinery.

Another push-feed saw system, the TigerSaw 2000, is excellent at cutting non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. Like many TigerStop products, it features a fully enclosed saw system to maximize safety for workers. It even has an advanced dust collection system to cut down on time and money spent cleaning. An extremely heavy-duty saw system, the HeavyDuty 2 system can push up to 2,100 lbs. of material; that’s a lot of aluminum.

The advanced software of the TigerSaw 2000 can report on statistics, helping to keep track of materials in real time. Dynamic Optimization software also determines the order in which parts need to be cut, further reducing waste. Once again, this is a fully automatic system that cuts down the work to a bare minimum that you and your workers need to put in and also dramatically cuts down on the amount of scrap material that’s left behind after the job is done.


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