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Tube & pipe degreaser from Solvent Kleene

Solvent Kleene Inc. offers an immersion-type degreaser that performs at room temperature and quickly penetrates small and angled tubes and pipes to dissolve grease, oils and other soils. D-Greeze-500 LO is non-hazardous and non-HAP offering that greatly reduces energy and specialized equipment costs. While designed to be a slow evaporator, when quick drying is required… Continued

Beckwood Press delivers large hydroforming press

Beckwood Press Co. recently delivered a Triform model 68-10FC Fluid Cell Sheet hydroforming press to a space launch vehicle supplier. The machine features a 68-in.-dia. round forming area that can hold one large tool or multiple smaller tools simultaneously. Once the tooling and blank are loaded, they are transported into the press via an automated… Continued

Tormach launches plasma cutting table

Tormach Inc. offers the 1300PL CNC plasma cutting table with travels of 50 in. in the X-axis, 51.5 in. in the Y-axis and 3.9 in. in the Z-axis. It can accommodate 4-ft.-by-4-ft.  sheets and comes standard with user-friendly PathPilot control software, a floating head with digital torch height control, a standard breakaway torch with collision… Continued

Yaskawa Motoman releases handling robot

Yaskawa Motoman’s high-speed, 6-axis MHP45L handling robot is Factory Mutual (FM)-approved for Class 1, Division 1 use in hazardous environments. Featuring a wide motion range, the robot is good for transferring large workpieces while avoiding interference with paint robots and other peripheral equipment. The robot can streamline automated paint line layouts by eliminating the need… Continued

Small-footprint pipe cutting from HGG

HGG’s new ProCutter900 RB adds full logistic processing on a small-footprint pipe cutting machine. Along with an ability to cut precision profiles in pipe from 2 in. to 36 in. in diameter and up to 42 ft. in length, the cutter integrates an automated material handling system on a small footprint. With the infeed conveyor,… Continued

ESAB releases large waterjet cutting

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduced its Hydrocut HDX large-gantry waterjet cutting system with a work area up to 18 ft. wide by 56 ft. long. The system can be equipped with up to four waterjet cutting heads, two oxyfuel stations and up to two plasma stations. It can also be equipped with various marking tools… Continued

ABB launches press automation solution

ABB Robotics’ IRB 760PT industrial robot is aimed at press automation applications in the automotive industry. The robot is a flexible press tending solution offering fast cycle times. To help eliminate the risk of potential interference, the robot features a revised design that reduces the interference in the robot’s fourth axis. This allows the robots… Continued

LVD Strippit’s large-format laser cutter

LVD Strippit launched the Taurus FL, a large-format, gantry-style fiber laser cutting machine. With a modular design, the machine size starts at a 39-ft. bed length and can be expanded in increments of 6.5 ft. to a maximum bed length of 131 ft. The laser cutter offers the flexibility to process extra-large sheets or multiple… Continued

Bystronic and Cloos offer robotic welding cells

Bystronic Inc. announced robotic welding cells powered by Cloos Robotic Welding Inc. into the U.S. market. Cloos will supply the welding cells and provide installation, training and service, while Bystronic will be responsible for the sales and distribution of the cells. Cloos manufactures the robot weld positioner, robot controller, welding power source and cell integration.… Continued

nLight releases laser for AM

nLight Inc. introduced its AFX-1000 fiber laser for the metal additive manufacturing (AM) market. Leveraging programmable laser technology, the high-power fiber laser can switch between a single-mode beam and other beam profiles without the use of free space optics. The beam shaping function is performed entirely inside the laser. Discrete beam profiles can be selected on the… Continued

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