An Update on Punch Press Tooling

Nov./Dec, 2011


This year’s FABTECH saw the introduction of many new and exciting developments in the metal fabrication industry, and the field of punch press tooling was no exception.

Two such companies that fit that rule are Unipunch and Wilson Tool. Both have both introduced new tooling recently that helps to further maximize customers’ productivity and cost efficiency, whether by increasing speed or even eliminating secondary processes.


New technology from Unipunch helps customers to speed up their manufacturing processes. Their new mounting system, introduced at FABTECH, makes the process of changing dedicated punching setups much faster.

“A customer can actually mount several templates into this quick-change system,” says Norm Krygier, marketing manager for Unipunch. “The base plate locks them into position with just a couple of clamps, and then the customer is ready to start punching within minutes.”

With the new quick-change mounting system, a customer can create a number of hassle-free dedicated setups, enabling them to switch between jobs very quickly.

“We have been pushing dedicated setups for quite some time now,” says Dave Krycia, sales manager for Unipunch. “The advantage is that, after you run the job and take the setup off the press and put it on the shelf, when the job comes back, you can just put it right back in the press.”

“The key element here is speed,” comments Krygier. “In fact, it fits very well with our new slogan – ‘speed within reach.’”

Another benefit to the quick-change mounting system is that the setups never become obsolete.

“Even though they can be dedicated for a job, they can also be changed at some point down the road to either make a modification to the part that is being done or to do a completely different part,” explains Krygier.

Unipunch’s tooling is able to punch multiple holes at once.

“If you have a third machine or laser, it’s still one hole, one operation,” says Krygier. “But our tooling can punch multiple holes at the same time.”

In addition to the quick-change mounting system, Unipunch also offers mandrel-type systems for tool piercing applications in steel, aluminum, copper, brass tube and pipe.

“You name it, we can punch that type of material,” comments Krygier.

The mandrel is essentially a support system that runs inside the tube to prevent dimpling in the tube itself. These systems are designed specifically to reduce the amount of deformation where the hole is punched.

“It offers the customer a great advantage in getting very clean holes primarily in the ends of tubing. It’s also unique because it utilizes many standard components to produce the holes,” says Krygier.

Wilson Tool

To enhance punching productivity, Wilson Tool has introduced new deburring tools that allow customers to deburr directly on the press.

“Leveraging the principles of lean manufacturing, we work with our customers to identify ways we can help them become more productive,” says Jeff Paulson, marketing manager for Wilson Tool. “These tools allow customers to streamline their manufacturing processes and reduce their costs by eliminating secondary operations.”

According to Wilson Tool’s website, the Wilson Deburring Tool is available on TRUMPF- or turret-style punching machines, and is designed for materials from 0.8 mm to 6 mm thick.

The Deburring Tool is able to deburr in straight lines or arcs, and can also be used at high speed to reduce manufacturing time. More information on the tool can be found on the website.

Wilson Tool has also improved the design of their TRUMPF dies for TRUMPF-style machines.

“With our enhanced design, customers can increase the grind life of their dies by as much as 250 percent,” says Paulson. “This is a very significant increase for TRUMPF-style machine users.”

This year the field of punch-press tooling saw advances that greatly enhance customers’ punching abilities. Unipunch increased customers’ manufacturing speed by bringing a new quick-change mounting system to the table, while Wilson Tool eliminated secondary processes with their Deburring Tool.

These companies and others like them are always working to bring new and productive technology to the customer, so you can be sure that the months and years to come will also see announcements of new developments, which FAB Shop Magazine Direct will deliver to you.

Wilson Tool

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