Adding Automation

Top reasons for implementing automation in the sawing process


There is no denying the incredible impact technology has had on our lives over the past two decades – it has changed the traditional workplace and reshaped business expectations.

Technology offers countless opportunities to maximize efficiency within your business operations and therefore, save you time. And time is money, right? The ways you adopt and integrate technology can play a major role in business innovation and productivity improvement.

Adding automation, at any level, from basic bar feeders to advanced robots, can bring immediate benefits to manufacturers large and small. Automation increases production, decreases setup time, reduces operator error and fatigue, and eliminates excessive scrap.

From adding a simple automatic material feeder or a programmable stop to a current machine to integrating a fully automated process, there are many options for incorporating automation into your shop. An easy way to add automation is to start with how you measure. Quit pulling the tape and automate with a programmable length controller.

Or take your semi-automatic saw to the next level by coupling it with a pusher/feeder system, which gives you the benefits of automation, but still leaves you the ability to manually miter. Turn your machine into a true production saw by adding an advanced feeder system.

Good reasons

The lack of quality labor has grown the demand for automation. Machinery, especially automated machinery, can do the job faster and more efficiently without costly mistakes. When repeatable accuracy is the desired goal, automation can provide the solution. There are also the perks like increased productivity, improved yield, decreased labor costs and a drastic reduction in rework.

Scotchman customers that have purchased automatic saws have come back within a short time frame for a second or even a third machine. This speaks volumes about the improvements they are seeing in their productivity.

Adding automatic material handling to the sawing operation can reduce the need for labor and boost productivity.

Whether you are adding a little automation into your shop or going to a fully automated process, you can expect to see increased production and improved accuracy while at the same time improving the safety of your operators. Even with all of these benefits it is important to note that automated systems can be expensive, so it is important to compare these additional costs with overall cost reductions in the long run.

If you are looking for a programmable sawing system that will maximize flexibility and improve accuracy, you will want a fully automatic machine. With this technology, you can sit back and watch the machine work for you or spend your time working on other tasks. Automatic machines also improve safety conditions for operators because they are able to keep a safe distance away from the sawing operation. Full automation greatly increases production because it allows for unmanned operations, sometimes outside of the normal shifts.

Cold automation

Circular cold saws are already amazing machines, but by adding a little automation to your current process you will see a big increase in efficiency and productivity while lowering the overall cost of doing business. Our cold saw line includes manual to fully automatic sawing systems.

Scotchman has sold some form of automation since the late 1980s. The company is constantly adding new forms of automation to adapt to the changing demand. The latest offering is the CPO 350 AutoLoader System, which is an automatic loading cold sawing system. This system automatically loads tube from a supply track or bundle loader, depending on which option you purchase.

The CPO 350 AutoLoader pushes tube through the saw cutting lengths selected from a cut list. The list can be optimized to produce the best yield with very accurate cuts. This leads the operator to simply load the tube and handle the cut pieces coming off the machine.

Easy-to-use interfaces, such as this touchscreen, include presets that allow operators to easily jump from one cut list to another with the push of a button.

Other automation options include the CPO 315 RFA, which is a cold saw (available in ferrous and non-ferrous models) that provides uninterrupted, precise and highly accurate cuts on tubes, solids and extrusions. Operators use the touchscreen controls to select profile settings (speeds and feeds) and can quickly jump from one type of material to another. A supply table or full bundle loading attachment make material handling easy and automated. Scotchman offers other optional equipment for feeding directly into a deburring machine.

At Scotchman we embrace technology. We have put our blood, sweat and tears into producing the most cost-effective and efficient machines in the metal fabricating industry. Adding value to your shop with automation is an investment with the goal of improving business.

If you are not sure where to begin, consult an expert before you make a purchase. With more than 55 years of experience in the metal fabrication industry, Scotchman has a reputation as a leader in metal fabrication equipment (or tools) and as offering top-notch customer service.

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