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February 2019

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February 2019

The team at FAB Shop Magazine is proud to announce our February issue. This month, our cover story features a fabricator that was willing to try something new. After years of relying on plasma cutting technology, the company is now finding success with a twin-head waterjet machine. It’s a true testament of the positive results that come from working outside of one’s comfort zone.

Incurring downtime to perform equipment maintenance and upgrades also requires a business owner to leave his comfort zone, so we addressed that in this issue, too. Despite the potential disruptions in production, designated downtime can result in future process improvement and greater production output.

To further punctuate the benefits that come from forward thinking, we also feature a fabricator that has spent the past 50 years investing in new technologies and quality staff. Along those lines, there’s an article on the value of implementing proper employee onboarding programs. To round things out, we included a preview of the Houstex trade show, which convenes in Texas later this month.

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In memoriam Berthold Leibinger

The manufacturing and machining world is mourning the death of a leader in the industry – Berthold Leibinger. He died in October in Stuttgart at the age of 87. Under his guidance, Trumpf became a world leader in laser cutting solutions. And while the German native was born, studied and worked in Stuttgart, Leibinger was… Continued

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