Month: September 2022

Castor software can identify suitable AM parts

Castor’s latest addition to its parts identification software is the ability to automatically analyze 2-D drawings and provide recommendations on 3-D printing. The software automatically identifies the parts that make sense to consider for 3-D printing, out of thousands of files, using a set of geometric and economic analyses. The technology is based on computer vision… Continued

Metal cleaning and protection from Cortec

Cortec Corp. released the VpCI-418 LM non-foaming alkaline cleaner with flash rust protection. The cleaner is good for protecting metals that cannot be immediately coated. Other common uses include dual cleaning and corrosion protection of machinery, engine blocks and forgings coated with grease or oil deposits; plate, sheet metal and metal castings covered with oily… Continued

Beckhoff offers highly modular robot

Beckhoff presents its ATRO modular robotic system for most any application with payloads up to 10 kg and reach of up to 1.3 m. Users can select the exact number of axes required and quickly assemble the exact robot or cobot needed for their application. The internal media feeds for data, power and fluids are… Continued

Lincoln Electric presents new multi-process welder

Lincoln Electric introduced the Power MIG 215 MPi multi-process welder, a lightweight dual-input voltage machine with a new ergonomic design. The welder can handle a range of welding processes, including MIG, flux cored, stick and DC TIG. Other new features include increased duty cycle for longer weld time, a built-in TIG solenoid that requires no installation… Continued

New welding cobot from Acieta

Acieta’s new FastArc CW includes a Fanuc CRX-10iA/L 6-axis robot mounted on a mobile platform. The system is compatible with Fronius, Lincoln and Miller welding units. Maximizing talent intuitive software and a touchscreen interface make the cobot simple to set up and operate. One person can operate several cobots simultaneously for maximum productivity. Workers can… Continued

Miller introduces hard hat respiratory protection

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC released Hard Hat PAPR with T94iH-R helmets. They come with an MSA V-Guard hard hat with a V design that deflects objects and provides added protection during any impact. A 44-sq.-in. integrated HDV grind shield provides a large, clear viewing area for grinding and other tasks, while the lift-to-talk head assembly… Continued

New additions to Fronius tandem welding

Fronius offers the TPS/i Twin Push-Pull solution for use in motor vehicle and railway vehicle construction, and welding aluminum profiles or pressure containers using the pulse multi control (PMC) process. The new TPS/i CMT Twin system uses the cold metal transfer process, thereby enabling welding of aluminum, nickel-base alloys and high-strength steels. Penetration and weld… Continued

Enprotech launches press program

Enprotech Industrial Technologies released the Enprotech E600 Series press program that combines state-of the-art technology with the quality and durability of the Verson and Danly brands. Designed for blanking, progressive die and transfer applications, the press has been optimized to maximize productivity while minimizing the risk of downtime. Enprotech provides installation, calibration, and startup services; on-site… Continued

Striker Systems’ latest CAD/CAM software

Striker Systems released Striker CAD/CAM 2023, which provides automated programming of CNC punching and cutting equipment, nesting and business system integration. New features include the ability for a part to override the assigned nesting rules. For example, a part may be too large to fit on the sheet with the assigned sheet margins. In previous… Continued

WiM develops international women’s network

The Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM) launched the International Women’s Network (IWN), which aims to offer the association’s growing number of international members opportunities to connect and share information and support. WiM currently supports more than 600 international members in 40 countries, with the largest concentration of international members being in Canada, Mexico, India, Brazil and… Continued

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