Month: September 2021

ESAB’s new wire for offshore and pipe

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduced Coreshield 71T-8 OS, a self-shielded flux-cored wire for all-position welding of critical structural applications, such as TKY joints in offshore construction, pipe structures, bridges and storage tanks. It features a diffusible hydrogen content lower than 8 ml/100 g and provides excellent low-temperature impact toughness. As-welded mechanical properties include a… Continued

Hybrid tube bending from Unison

Unison Ltd. launched range of hybrid tube bending machines called Synergy HBM (hybrid, multi-stack). The new machines are available in 50-mm and 80-mm (maximum tube diameter) versions initially and feature the company’s latest Unibend Lite control system. The 80-mm machines are widely used by automotive customers and general fabricators. The smaller 50-mm machines are for… Continued

Lincoln Electric’s new single-wire process for heavy fab

Lincoln Electric released its new Process HDT solution for the heavy fabrication industry. Developed for high-deposition robotic applications, the solution combines a new high-deposition waveform with a specially formulated metal-cored wire. It delivers deposition rates that exceed Tandem MIG applications, but with the streamlined setup of a single-wire application. Utilizing the Power Wave S700 power source, Metalshield HDT metal-cored… Continued

Coe Press controls include roll forming

Coe Press Equipment’s latest ServoMaster Touch controller has features suited to the needs of roll formers. The stretch compensation tool enables the operator to enter the actual length as well as the desired length of the part. By pressing “accept,” a scaling factor is applied to each step to compensate for the elongation. The ability to switch… Continued

Miller’s converter for submerged arc welding

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC introduced a new SubArc digital converter for field applications, including above-ground storage tank construction, shipbuilding and bridge construction. The converter enables the use of digital SAW accessories, such as the 3-wheel tractor and digital control, with expanded equipment including Big Blue welder/generators and Dimension 650 welding power sources. Enhanced digital communication allows for more… Continued

Hexagon offers fabrication project software

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division released new manufacturing project management advances for its WorkPlan software to enable sheet metal fabricators to connect data from planning, quoting and manufacturing systems. The software helps automate planning and production processes, from determining material usage and production time estimation to optimizing processes and sheet metal nesting strategies from a single… Continued

McCue & Associates celebrates 20 years

Full-service marketing firm McCue & Associates LLC is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Founded in 2001 by Michael S. McCue, the company has established itself as a leading marketing firm representing metalworking industry clients. “We are very proud of this milestone and how we’ve remained strong and grown,” McCue said. “Our longevity is a testament to… Continued

United Precision appoints fabrication machinery manager

United Precision Services Inc. announced John Prevish joined the company as national sales manager. Prevish will manage the newly formed Fabrication Machinery Division. The business unit was created to provide machinery sales, assembly, installation, training and service to support the company’s expansion into the fabrication equipment market. A 25-year manufacturing industry veteran, Prevish has progressed through a variety… Continued

Capital Machine to hold fabricating event

Capital Machine Technologies Inc. will host an Advances in Precision Fabricating event Oct. 19-22 at its technology and training center in Atlanta. Three unique technologies that will be demonstrated include the SafanDarley electric press brake and Yaskawa material handling robot, Capital Robotics Fusion Arc featuring an arc welding robot with dual headstocks and Mazak Optonics Optiplex Fiber III 10-kW laser.… Continued

Desktop Metal to acquire ExOne

Desktop Metal Inc. (DM) and ExOne Co. entered into a definitive agreement under which Desktop Metal will acquire ExOne. The acquisition extends DM’s product platforms with complementary solutions to create a comprehensive portfolio combining throughput, flexibility and materials breadth while allowing customers to optimize production based on specific application needs. Combining ExOne’s direct sales force… Continued

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