Month: April 2021

Abicor Binzel releases push-pull welding gun

Abicor Binzel launched the FreedomDrive push-pull system that utilizes an assist drive is powered directly from select push-pull ready power sources, or by a separate ABICOR BINZEL power control box. In either case, the assist motor feeds slightly faster than the main wire feeder, which places tension on the weld wire through the rear cable… Continued

ABB’s robot braking distance simulator

ABB Robotics‘ RobotStudio offline programming and simulation software has been upgraded with a new virtual robot braking distance function that creates an exact simulation of the real-world stopping distance of a robot, overcoming the need to add safety margins into cell designs. The new function predicts the robot’s movements with millimetric precision. This allows the exact… Continued

Invera offers MRP solution for metal service centers

Invera released Invex-MRP, a web-based MRP solution for the metal service center industry. The system uses forecasting algorithms that are fully integrated with real-time data from Stratix ERP to provide a single source for data-driven planning and purchasing decisions. With the system, supply chain and procurement staff can quickly see what products need to be replenished within a time… Continued

New laser welding head from Cailabs

France-based Cailabs’ Canunda-HP laser welding head is for submillimeter ring beam shaping at powers up to 16 kW. The company’s MPL1C1 technology is relevant for laser welding because it can achieve high-quality ring beam shaping that achieves a weld without projections. It can also maintain high power to weld very thick or complex materials, such… Continued

Mac-Tech releases slag cleaner

Mac-Tech introduced Slat Boss slag cleaner for use on flatbed laser machines tables. The machine can support slats from 2.5 mm to 4 mm (0.10 in. 0.157 in.) thick. With automatic forward feed, it cleans slag up to 1.24 in. thick off steel, stainless steel and copper support slats, operating at speed of 1,600 rpm.… Continued

Simple robotic weld cell from Yaskawa

Yaskawa Motoman’s ArcWorld LC (Lite Cell) robotic welding system is for fabricators with lighter volume requirements for small to medium-size part welding. The single workstation configuration features a fixed tooling table with a 250-kg payload or a servo-driven MH185 headstock with a 185-kg payload. The dual workstation configuration is available with fixed tooling tables or… Continued

Norton offers fiber discs for hard-to-grind materials

Norton|Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced BlazeX F980 fiber discs with ceramic alumina micro-fracturing grain for grinding stainless steel and harder to grind materials. The micro-fracturing grain consistently exposes sharper grain edges. New Cool Friction technology dissipates heat during the grind, reducing rework and extending the life of discs. In addition, a self-lubricating grinding aid treatment and active… Continued

Trumpf’s 3-D printer for mass production

Trumpf Inc.’s new TruPrint 3000 3-D printing system uses powder bed-based laser melting to produce parts with diameters of up to 300 mm and heights of up to 400 mm. It can handle all weldable materials including steels, nickel-based alloys, titanium and aluminum. The system can be equipped with a second laser that almost doubles… Continued

EMH expands freestanding crane line

image description

Engineered Material Handling (EMH)’s new Nomad XW freestanding crane can handle overall widths up to 60 ft. with overall heights up to 25 ft. and capacities from 2 tons up to 20 tons. With easily bolted assembly, the crane is easily dismantled, relocated and reassembled. The crane system comes with mounting plates, bolts and bumpers… Continued

MC Machinery offers AI-enabled lasers

Cement Dark Grunge Orange White Glowing Led Parking Underground Car Warehouse Garage Studio Rough Modern Reflective Spaceship Tunnel Corridor Showcase 3D Rendering Illustration

MC Machinery Systems Inc. released the GX-F Advanced Series of artificial intelligence-enabled fiber lasers. Intuitive AI technology makes the lasers easy to use for operators of all skill levels. The lasers offer high processing stability with superior beam quality consistency, beam cleaning and anti-reflection technologies, faster and more stable processing and no setup time between materials.… Continued

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