Month: February 2021

Lincoln Electric introduces oxyfuel training

In collaboration with The Harris Products Group, Lincoln Electric introduces the Vrtex oxyfuel cutting feature, enabling users to practice torch cutting safely. It is available on Vrtex 360 and Transport models for virtual reality training. From setting up the torch to executing the cut, each task is designed to simulate real-world cutting applications. Instructors can use the… Continued

Desktop Metal updates system

Desktop Metal Inc. launched Studio System 2 for 3-D printing metal parts in low volumes for pre-production and end-use applications. The next-generation system eliminates the use of solvents with new material formulations that allow parts to be transferred directly from the printer into the furnace. The result is an accessible two-step process with a nearly… Continued

Miller releases new stick welder

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC introduced the CST 282 stick/TIG welder for construction, shipbuilding, pipe welding, and maintenance and repair applications. The power source provides 280 amps and a digital meter provides precise control when presetting or monitoring welding amperage, so operators can be assured of proper settings. In addition, voltage reducing device (VRD) technology reduces… Continued

Eagle Fiber offers 20-kW fiber laser

Eagle Fiber Laser released a 20-kW fiber laser ready for 24/7 operation. The machine works well on thick as well as thin materials. “We’re cutting 3/4-in. steel at 120 to 160 ipm, which is crazy fast – faster than most plasma cutters,” said Chip Burnham, CEO and co-founder of Fairmont Machinery, North American dealer for Eagle Laser.… Continued

Piab’s vacuum generator tools

Piab‘s piInline Plus offers decentralized vacuum generation. The ultra-lightweight vacuum ejectors feature an integrated automatic release mechanism and come in compact packages. Designed with ports for compressed air and vacuum inline and supported by quick-fit push-in connectors of varying diameters, the generators are mounted directly onto the hose, close to the point of suction. They… Continued

New stamping fluid from Irmco

Irmco introduced the 536-V06 oil-free stamping fluid to address the expanded use of higher strength steels in the metal stamping industry. The product is suitable for stamping 500 MPa to 980 MPa tensile strength steels as well as 300 and 400 series stainless steel alloys. The fluid mixes easily with water to form stable solutions… Continued

Industrial Magnetics introduces clamping blocks

Industrial Magnetics Inc.’s MBX magnetic clamping blocks hold steel workpieces in place. The blocks have two opposing magnetic sides, which can be turned on and off, that are designed to hold workpieces to steel surfaces, such as machinery or worktables. They work in horizontal or vertical orientation and can accommodate flat, round, square or custom… Continued

Mazak Optonics releases fiber laser

Mazak Optonics Corp.’s OptiPlex Nexus 3015 Fiber S7 is available in a 7-kW configuration. The variable beam parameter product (V-BPP) technology better controls the laser beam. It enables users to select from high-intensity, small spot size beams to large, donut-shaped beams. Beam shaping technology delivers optimal thick and thin metal cutting, higher cutting speed, superior… Continued

New gap frame press from Simpac

Simpac America’s CX Series gap-frame press is for small part production of stamped parts for the appliance, automotive and other general industries. The new SPMS press monitoring system has a user-centered interface created to incorporate IIOT into future press models. The SPMS system is now freely movable with its integrated pendant and arm attachments. Automation… Continued

Trumpf offers automated arc welding

Trumpf Inc. released the TruArc Weld 1000 automated arc welding system. It comes with a cobot that assists in the creation of the weld program, rather than relying on values from an offline source or entering positioning data into a control. After the operator manually guides the cobot over a part, it automatically creates the… Continued

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