Month: July 2020

Lincoln Electric releases stick electrode

Construction of Lincoln Electric's new welding school.

The Lincoln Electric Co. introduced the Excalibur 7018 XMR low-hydrogen stick electrode that offers low moisture content even after 24 hours of exposure – remaining below the moisture content limit for 15 hours more than required under the AWS’s AWS A5.1. The electrode is for general fabrication in many industries, including structural, pipeline, chemical processing and… Continued

Xometry offers instant quotes on DXF files

DXF files can now be quoted alongside nine other 3-D file formats in Xometry’s Instant Quoting Engine. Previously, users could attach DXF files to their sheet metal 3-D file for reference but could only get instant quotes through a 3-D CAD model. With the improved interface, users can upload DXF files as part files, get… Continued

Bilsing announces pressroom tooling

Bilsing Automation announced new swivel unit tooling for use in the pressroom that can be adjusted to the exact degree required to grip and handle parts. The unit offers a swivel angle of +/45 degrees and a compact design for improved accessibility in tight applications. The swivel angle is easily readable on a scale located… Continued

Enhanced punching software from Hexagon

Enhancements in Hexagon Mfg. Intelligence/Radan sheet metal software is for manufacturers operating punching machines that want to optimize batches of nests. Setup sheets can be automatically generated and sent to each machine, saving around 50 min. in an average day of producing up to 80 nests. The software release overcomes the issue of hazardous holes… Continued

Thermal Dynamics releases plasma power source

Thermal Dynamics’s Ultra-Cut 130 XT high-precision plasma power source has a cutting output of 130 amps at 100 percent duty cycle and is optimized for piercing and cutting 3/4 in. steel, stainless and aluminum. The system cuts 3/4 in. steel at 52 ipm and 1/2 in. steel at 85 ipm. It has a maximum cut and pierce… Continued

Mate Precision offers custom tooling

Mate Precision Tooling offers modified standard and custom press brake tools. Bending variations may require modifying the angle of a standard punch or die a few degrees. This is easily accomplished because the induction hardening depth is 3 mm to 4 mm. This allows material removal to modify an angle or change a radius without… Continued

BLM Group offers 6-axis laser cutting

BLM Group USA introduced the LT360 all-in-one 3-D cutting system that features a fiber laser cutting head mounted on a 6-axis robot working in tandem with a parts handling robot. The system offers the ability to process curved, hydroformed, preformed or pre-welded tubes as well as flat and stamped sheets in mild steel, stainless steel,… Continued

Coldwater’s automated tube straightening

Coldwater Machine Co., a Lincoln Electric company, released an automated, all-servo-controlled Tube and Bar Straightening system. The bar stock is rotated 360 degrees while sensors measure it at multiple data points along its length to create a profile. This data is sent to the PLC where it is compared to the straightness specification to determine… Continued

Koike releases waterjet

Koike Aronson Ransome released the ShopJet waterjet cutting machine, which uses the same foundational tabletop design as the company’s plasma/oxyfuel cutting machine. The waterjet is for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to 2 in. thick. With a repeatability of 0.0015 in., the machine consistently delivers clean and precise cuts. It is built with a… Continued

Coherent debuts fiber technology

Coherent debuts fiber technology Coherent Inc.’s HighLight FL4000CSM-ARM fiber laser enables advanced welding capabilities for high thermal conductivity metals. The laser overcomes limitations such as unstable welds due to welding head wear and a large heat-affected zone caused by ultrasonic or standard fiber laser welding. With the dual beam output (center beam surrounded by a… Continued

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