Month: December 2019

Camfil’s dust and fume collectors for laser

Camfil APC introduces Gold Series X-Flo Package (GSXP) dust and fume collectors that integrate with CNC laser and plasma cutting systems. The collectors are compact, prewired and ship fully assembled, which enables users to plug them directly into the cutting line. Equipped with two, four or six HemiPleat eXtreme Gold Cone X-Flo filter cartridges, the… Continued

Rockford Systems adds PPE

Rockford Systems LLC released a new Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) line that includes cut-resistant gloves and sleeves, safety goggles, hearing protection, respirators, reflective clothing and other PPE worn to comply with OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. The products are available for sale on the company’s website. In addition to being able to browse the PPE… Continued

Coherent offers dual fiber laser

Coherent Inc. released the HighLight FL-ARM is a 2-kW to 8-kW, dual fiber output laser that can sequentially power two separate workstations or processes. Dual fiber output delivers increased throughput in cost sensitive, high-volume welding applications, particularly in automotive manufacturing. The second fiber can act as a redundant backup for the first, thus minimizing service… Continued

Pferd adds to flap disc lineup

Pferd Inc.’s SG Polifan Z SG Power Steelox flap discs are now available in a 6 in. (Type 29) disc in 40 and 60 grit in 7/8-in. arbor and 5/8-11 hub versions. The high-performance, zirconia alumina Z abrasive handles demanding grinding work, delivering optimum stock removal on high-powered angle grinders even at higher contact pressures.… Continued

New fume extraction from Abicor

Abicor Binzel released three new fume extraction units for its xFume VAC series. The all-rounder xFume VAC Flex mobile extraction unit has an extraction arm available in 2 m, 3 m and 4 m that can be positioned so fumes can be extracted directly above the process. The xFume VAC Advanced is a small and… Continued

Fanuc releases new line of cobots

A built-in sensor allows Fanuc America Corp.’s new collaborative arc welding robots to work safely alongside people without the need for guarding. The cobots are equipped with ArcTool application software with an easy programming interface that supports simple and complex applications. It includes features such as weaving, iRVision, seam tracking, thru-arm seam tracking (TAST) and multi-pass. The… Continued

Nozzle for laser cutting from ATTC

American Torch Tip Co. (ATTC) released the GEN (Gas Efficient Nozzle) for laser cutting applications. The inner nozzle provides a more secure fitting, preventing it from dislodging during cutting. The sleeve decreases the amount of turbulence during cutting and, therefore, decreases the amount of slag. The independent sleeve allows continuous contact with the plate during cutting,… Continued

New fiber laser from Cincinnati Inc.

Cincinnati Inc. (CI)’s new CLX 4-m by 2-m laser is built from the ground up for the automation-minded metal fabricator. The laser machine has the same toughness as its predecessor, yet weighs in at half the total tonnage and has a slimmer frame. Dual 24-in. touchscreen monitors allow operators to access machine controls while simultaneously… Continued

Norton discs offer blending and grinding

Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers new Rapid Prep XHD coarse and medium discs to solve stock removal and blending challenges. The extra heavy-duty, non-woven discs remove weld lines, weld splatter, weld discoloration and blend surfaces in a single step. The coarse disc is for surface blending on steels, while the medium works well on softer… Continued

Bystronic adds to unloading automation

Upon request, Bystronic Inc. equips the ByTrans Cross system with its newly developed BySort add-on unloading solution. An additional bridge is installed that can accommodate up to two sorting heads. These heads are automatically tooled using the available gripper modules. The BySort is designed to deposit the completed parts on an additional unloading position next… Continued

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