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November 2020

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November 2020

While the pandemic and resulting economic woes have put some manufacturers in a tight spot, many others continue to meet current demands while gearing up for the production surge expected when Covid-19 is under control. As just one example, machine tool builders have made recent investments in their service and support centers, which is something we highlight in our cover article. Speaking of the future, our article about acquiring automation-ready machinery discusses the advantages of making an investment now and easily upgrading later.

If you’re keeping your eye on robotic automation advancements, you’ll enjoy our article on a newer collaborative robot, which is designed to maximize floor space and easily integrate with existing machinery. Staying on the topic of saving space on the shop floor, we delve into waterjet technology with an article on a compact cutting solution, a machine that offers maximum performance while taking up minimal space.

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Grieve’s oven for holding weldments

No. 1037 is a 900-degree F walk-in oven from Grieve Corp., which is currently used for holding weldments at temperature before welding at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions measure 108 in. wide by 120 in. long by 115 in. high. The oven has 9-in. insulated walls with an isolated inner oven completely surrounded by insulation… Continued

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