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January 2020

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January 2020

Happy New Year from the team at FAB Shop Magazine. To kick off the new decade, our January issue is full of information that we hope will help you launch your most productive and successful year yet.

In this issue, we begin with two articles that focus on infrastructure in America – one puts a spotlight on a large-scale induction bending project for a new bridge in Chicago and the other explores the technologies behind rail line manufacturing. The issue also features a roundup on new press brake technology that was on display at Fabtech in November. To round things out, check out the article on one fabricator’s training tactics that are giving his company a leg up in the marketplace.

Latest News

Camfil’s dust and fume collectors for laser

Camfil APC introduces Gold Series X-Flo Package (GSXP) dust and fume collectors that integrate with CNC laser and plasma cutting systems. The collectors are compact, prewired and ship fully assembled, which enables users to plug them directly into the cutting line. Equipped with two, four or six HemiPleat eXtreme Gold Cone X-Flo filter cartridges, the… Continued

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