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December 2019

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December 2019

Every December, the team at FAB Shop Magazine honors an individual that is making a difference in the industry, and this year, we celebrate the work of Harry Moser, president of the Reshoring Initiative. We include a revealing look into what motivates Moser, his efforts in analyzing reshoring activity and how he has helped to drive more than 750,000 jobs back to U.S. soil. We talk to him about how his personal experiences in manufacturing pushed him to delve deep into an issue that is important to many Americans today.

As you’ll also see in this new issue, the team at Techgen Media investigated the different ways companies are using technology and innovation to boost Moser’s work in bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. For example, we highlight the AWS Foundation’s focus on training welders, how a die casting company uses collaborative robots to keep jobs at home, and we also cover TIG welding training tips that will be useful in fighting the skilled labor shortage. To round things out, check out our article on how a custom metal fabrication company leverages the power of waterjet technology to maintain a high standard of quality.

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Universal oven from Grieve

No. 841 is a 650-degree F universal oven from Grieve Corp. used for a variety of heat treatments at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions measure 36 in. wide by 36 in. deep by 36 in. height. The Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements have 9 kW and a 600-CFM, ½-hp recirculating blower provides universal airflow to… Continued

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