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July 2019

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July 2019

For our July issue, the team at FAB Shop Magazine was feeling patriotic. With a focus on “Made in America,” we spoke with a handful of fabricators that see value in making their products stateside. We also got the chance to learn about an innovative welder that solved a common problem with his very own torch design. And to keep that American dream alive, there’s also an article about a school in California that is educating the next generation of manufacturers.    

The issue also offers information on small angle grinders and the safety features that are built into them. And to round things out, there’s an article that discusses the benefits that come from robotic automation while not displacing the current workforce.

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AM printer for aerospace components

Jointly designed by GF Machining Solutions and 3D Systems Inc., the DMP Factory 500 workflow optimized metal AM printing solution creates seamless large parts for aerospace OEMs and their suppliers. AM optimizes buy-to-fly ratios through reduced costs associated with waste material while it enhances geometry and design for functionality to reduce aircraft weight and increase… Continued

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