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March 2019

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March 2019

This month’s issue of FAB Shop Magazine is now live and full of editorial focused on the automotive industry. From keeping stamping dies up and running to material handling approaches using collaborative robots, new technologies for automakers continue to hit the market.

These technologies, however, aren’t exclusive to those in the automotive industry. In fact, it is often the automakers of the world that vet new equipment and strategies to be later adopted by other smaller manufacturers. These types of forward-thinking manufacturers are also highlighted in the issue with a case study on one company that employs some of the most sophisticated equipment and automation available on the market. We round out the issue with another fabricator that also strives for the utmost in quality with top-of-the-line press brakes.

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In memoriam

In memoriam Berthold Leibinger

The manufacturing and machining world is mourning the death of a leader in the industry – Berthold Leibinger. He died in October in Stuttgart at the age of 87. Under his guidance, Trumpf became a world leader in laser cutting solutions. And while the German native was born, studied and worked in Stuttgart, Leibinger was… Continued

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